Thursday, January 8, 2009

All Sold Mom Items

Heather C. really got a customized bag! She requested two first-time upgrades: a center divider and a zippered interior pocket! So cool! She also got a magnetic snap added to it. This was an ultimate Ultra Chic bag! (April 2009)

Prize given to Suzanne B-A. during the Ultimate Blog Party 2009! It is a full-size London style Ultra Chic Diaper Bag. (March 2009)

Courtney E. chose Blue and Green Drops for her Lullaby Nursing Cover. (February 12, 2009)

Lydia M. -- Fullsize New York Style, with In-and-Out Pockets, and a matching Diaper Pocket. She chose Scarlet and Gold Stripes for the exterior and Gold Silk for the interior. It is beautiful and elegant! (Dec. 18, 2008)

Nicole B. -- Fullsize New York Style, with In-and-Out Pockets, and matching Diaper Pocket. She ordered two beautiful laminated Michael Miller fabrics and had them shipped to me directly. I don't carry laminated fabrics in stock, but it worked out perfectly, so laminated fabrics are an option for anyone who wants to go the easy-to-wipe-clean route!! She also requested a magnetic snap for a classy closure. (Sept. 10, 2008)

Jamie J. -- Fullsize London Style Diaper Bag and Diaper Pocket set. Turned out beautifully! She chose the Highland Court Guacamole Loops and I was able to find a gorgeous plain green fabric to match. (Aug. 18, 2008)

Cami R. -- Full-size New York Style Diaper Bag and Diaper Pocket Set. Chocolate Diamonds for outside, Michael Miller's Sage Kids Toile for lining. Solid sage and white fabrics for the Diaper Pocket. This is the first bag with half of the pockets on the inside and half on the outside! (May 27, 2008).

Odell R. -- Full-size New York Style Diaper Bag and Diaper Pocket Set. Her daughter-in-law wanted hot pink fabric! This bag turned out very cute and makes me think of Hollywood celebrities and American Idol. I chose a silver satin for the straps and Diaper Pocket to bring out the glittery stars on the exterior fabric. Fun! (May 22, 2008)

Bree D. -- London full-size, I added some batting to the underside of the straps for a little added comfort. She loved it! (May 15, 2008)

Claire B. -- Midsize London Style Ultra Chic Diaper Bag, made with Brown Stripe, white on white print and red piping. Interior is brown with Brown Stripe pockets. I then decided to sew the handles pinched to make it more comfortable to hand carry. It looks great! Claire was looking for a transitional bag as her youngest was in the process of potty training and she was anticipating not having to carry diapers much longer. (April 17, 2008)

Melanie W. -- Ultra Chic Diaper Bag made with Scarlet & Gold Stripes fabric, gold fabric interior. (March 19, 2008).

Gina A. chose Ballpoint Stars Lullaby Nursing Cover for a baby shower gift (Sept. 16, 2008).

Jamie J. chose Ballpoint Stars Lullaby Nursing Cover (Aug. 18, 2008).

Lindsay C. chose Green and Blue Drops Lullaby Nursing Cover (Aug. 5, 2008).

Melissa R. chose Blue Leafy Lullaby Nursing Cover (July 17, 2008).

Bobbi J. chose Charcoal Gray for a baby shower gift Lullaby Nursing Cover (May 30, 2008).

Cami R. chose Michael Miller's Sage Toile Children Lullaby Nursing Cover (May 20, 2008).

Bree D. chose a Blue and Brown fabric from JoAnn's Fabric Store Lullaby Nursing Cover (May 15, 2008).

Gina and Colton
(April 2008)

Deanna and Asha
(April 2008)

Melissa S. chose Vintage Red with Beige Branches Lullaby Nursing Cover (April 16, 2008).

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