Friday, January 9, 2009

Diaper Pockets!

Diaper Pockets are just the right size to slip into into the largest pocket in your Ultra Chic Diaper Bag!

This portable "mini diaper bag" easily holds a travel size wipie case, 2-3 diapers, diaper cream, and some trash bags.

This gives diaper changing in public places the greatest of ease and efficiency.

Diaper Pockets are also perfect for keeping an emergency stash in your car and in each of your other bags. Or simply transfer it from purse to purse as you change your outfits.

Diaper Pockets are $10 when sold individually.

When you purchase an Ultra Chic Diaper Bag you can add one matching Diaper Pocket to your order for only $7!

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Deanna said...

Up to what size diaper fits in the bag, No.4?

Made by Michelle said...

Deanna, they fit all diaper sizes, all the way up to 6!